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Property Inspection Requirement

Property Inspection Requirement

The inspection/testing requirements for a USDA Loan are as follows:

  • If on well water, a water test as determined by local County requirements. If unsure, contact the local County Government or request a “FHA water test” from the testing company. Usually the test will include a test for lead, nitrates, nitrites, and E.coli. A “flow test” isn’t required
  • If applicable, Septic Certification is only required should the appraiser comment that he/she is unable to identify the location/distance of the well head to septic system, which must meet the following requirements:
    • Well head to property line – 10 feet
    • Well head to septic tank – 50 feet
    • Well head to drain field – 100 feet or 75 feet if allowed by local authority (if 75 feet must document)
    • Well head to roadway – 10 Feet
    • Distance requirements of local authority prevail if greater than stated above
  • Satisfactory Pest Inspection (i.e. Termite Report) – Optional. Based on Underwriter discretion
  • Other inspection tests (i.e. roof certification, engineer report, etc.) may be required based on appraiser’s comments on his/her report

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Property Inspection Requirement
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